I'm NOT a politician but a Citizen running for Your Voice to be heard

New Leadership Built on Transparency, Communication and Community.

 I’ve lived in Washington for 17 years and enjoy our small town feel and how our community is always there to support each other through good times and bad. 


During my years of living here I have always supported our elected officials and relied on them to make decisions that were in the best interest of the township.


Unfortunately, over time, that has changed.  I no longer believe our board is representing us well and that they are not doing what the majority of our residents want.

I am not a politician, but just a regular citizen like you.  I was brought up with the values that everyone should give back in one way or another.  


So in order to do that, In August 2019, I got involved with the Park & Rec issues and found that our board was not doing right by our community. I then began reviewing other information which lead me to even more concerns.


After several months of research and after getting involved, I decided it was time to do more by representing the citizens of our community and to run for Trustee.



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