Architectural Experience (14+ years)



  • Designhaus

  • NSA (Nordstrom Samson Associates)

  • FMG (Facilities Matrix Group)

  • Redico (Real Estate Development & Investment Corporation)

  • Smith Shurman and Associates

  • Hamilton Anderson

  • Serra and Associates

Job Titles:

  • Architectural Designer

  • Project Architect

  • Project Manager

  • Department Manager


Other Experience

  • Banking for 3 years

  • Retail Management 4 years

Architectural Skill Set Sampling

  • Designed construction drawings of commercial, medical, industrial, medical and multi residential buildings.

  • Designed custom home design including site plan and location. 

  • Created Site plans and/or documentation of site changes.

  • Finishes for interior and exterior of buildings.

  • Created full sets of construction drawings.

  • Constructions documents and submittals.

  • Bid requests and reviewed bids for client.

  • Created and managed company proposals.

  • Review material quality for jobs.

  • Reviewed construction quotes for cost accuracy. 

  • Review/quote tenant pricing to brokers/tenants/trades/accounting department.

  • Review lease language to maximize design per contract and negotiations.

  • Review civil, mechanical, and electrical drawings for accuracy.

  • Project managed all aspect of jobs including construction/ punch list items/ordering/quality control



Additional Skill Sets that I Have Experience with:

  • Understanding codes for the use and appearance of buildings, structures and land.

  • Understanding codes for the use of signs and billboards.

  • Understanding codes for the use of location, height, bulk, number of stores and size of buildings and structures.

  • Understanding codes for the use of lots, yards, courts and other open spaces.

  • Understanding codes for the use of the percentage of a lot which may be occupied by a building or structure

  • Understanding codes for the use of the intensity of land use.

  • Understanding codes for the establish requirements for off-street parking and loading.

  • Understanding codes for the use of Establish and maintain building setback lines.

  • Understanding codes for the use of commercial buildings, industrial, mechanical, medical, residential, etc.


Experience with Different Directives of the Community:

  • Agriculture                              

  • Natural Resources

  • Recreation                              

  • Public Health

  • Education                                

  • Government

  • Transportation                         

  • Industry



Experience with Critical Skills Needed:

  • Listening to what others have to say.

  • Having knowledge and understanding of community issues.

  • Understanding issues that are facing the community.

  • Being fair and open minded.

  • Being prepared and doing my homework to fully understand the agenda’s.

  • To be willing to speak up for the community.

  • The ability to be able to communicate with others.

  • The ability to speak in public.

  • To have analytic abilities.

  • To be able to put my relevant experience into play.

  • Decision making skills.

  • To be able to weigh the professional input given in staff reports, environmental impact reports, and consultant reports.

  • Ability to present information to groups or individuals to help them


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