Here's why you should Vote for Peggy DeVos

Our community is developing very quickly, and we are the next up and coming location for urban sprawl.  As a community we want to hold onto that small town values while creating a forward thinking community that stands out from others around us.  I’m excited about our future and the opportunities that we have to be able to grow.  Part of this growth is having a greater emphasis on our tri-community and its involvement with parks & recreation, bringing the community together in a way that will set us apart from all communities around us. 

Parks & Recreation:
  • To provide greater services to the community by a combined effort of our tri-community family.

  • Provide a stronger environment for our senior citizens and provide new opportunities for them in the community.

  • Create a no senior left behind program that will make sure that our seniors are not lost in these trying times.

  • To move our school system into the future by creating a new connection between our school system and parks & recreation.

  • To be able to look at a future community center that will provide more than the staple items that communities around us are providing, and will launch us into a new way of thinking for the use of a community center and its activities.

  • To reevaluate service provided and how we can improve on these services.

  • To provide opportunities for bike trails to be a main source of connecting people and our parks and recreational resources.

  • Create a better walkable community area that is currently nonexistent.

Business Community:

  • To create a stronger bond of our tri-community family and repair the damage that has been done by our board.

  • To locally source out projects to benefit the local small business community. 

  • To promote our local businesses and feature them on our local new township website.

  • To create a local farmers market to help promote local sourcing of fresh food and vegetables.

  • To create a connection to the farmers market with local artists in the community to promote locally crafted goods.

  • To help local businesses that are struggling and look into avenues in order for them to be able to stay as a vibrant part of the community.


Board Responsibilities:

  • To allow at least a week for the board to review new items on the agenda and to not allow for any of these new items to be voted on until the following board meeting.

  • To adopt the Model Ethics Ordinance, for Michigan Local Units of Government, which would outlaw elected officials from voting to purchase property or grant tax breaks to individuals or businesses who are campaign contributors.  It would also prohibit elected officials from directly negotiating price, tax, water and sewer breaks with campaign contributors.

  • To start having round table discussions with the community members and board members.

  • To make sure that all board members are doing their due diligence in researching the items on the agenda, and not simply just showing up to the board meetings.

  • To allow anyone in the community the opportunity to serve on the sub boards and not selected by just the supervisor.

  • Revisit the Master Pan and see how we can change or slow down the growth, due to the current board not taking any action sooner.​


  • ​To address the overpriced water tower and what to do with it moving forward.

  • The current virus is causing people to struggle in the area, so we need to evaluate how we can help the local community and businesses.

  • We need to look at the values of housing and how much someone is being taxed and adjust accordingly.

  • Moving forward we need to stop spending so much money on mistakes and lawyers by go against the voices in the community.

  • We need to make sure that all of our community is protected by fire and safety. But we need to provide more opportunities for new station locations, while cutting the cost by choosing different materials, while maintaining community standards.

Communication or Concerns:

  • To have more transparency in the decisions that the board is making and have community input before making any decisions.

  • Bring our township up to speed with live streaming of all local board meetings including parks & recreation.

  • We need to work within our community and listen to what the community has to say. 

  • To address the community's concern over the huge amount of infrastructure and what we can do to deal with the traffic issues.

  • Revisit concerns of Mound road now being a new highway in the community, and what our new board can do about it moving forward.

  • To make sure that our board is the listening body of the people's voices by going out in the community and listening better to their concerns and making sure that they are being heard.

  • To create a new township website so that our citizens don't have to try to figure out what is going on in the community.  Status of all construction and/or changes to jobs will be posted.


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